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5 ways to emigrate to Canada 2020

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Canada is one of the safest and most developed countries on the planet, where everyone can realize their potential and have a high standard of living! And most importantly, Canada needs specialists, and this need is growing every year. Therefore, not only is it relatively easy to emigrate here, but also career opportunities after moving here will not disappoint you!

To make a selection of immigration programs for your specific case, you can contact a representative in your region.


It is an ideal way to emigrate for those under 30 years of age, who have higher education, work experience and a good level of English. Canada is most interested in young professionals, because they will benefit the state for many years to come. After 30 you can also immigrate, and we’ve even described one of these ways in this article, but if you’re still in your ideal age, you’d better hurry up!

To immigrate successfully through this program, you’ll need to evaluate your diploma, receive confirmation of your work experience from your employer, and pass IELTS General for a high score. To evaluate your chances, you can fill out our evaluation form here.


Did you know that after graduating from public university in Canada, you can get an open work visa for up to 3 years? This means you do NOT need an invitation from your employer to apply for such a visa, it allows you to look for work at your own pace. The main thing is that you accumulate at least 1 year of Canadian work experience in the required specialty, and you can apply for a permanent residence permit! In addition, your English will improve significantly during your stay in Canada!

This way will suit both school leavers and older students. The only difference will be in what kind of education you should apply for.

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How much it costs to study in Canada – from 7000 USD per year!


Admissions to Canadian colleges and universities start 8-10 months before you start studying, and many quotas close in a matter of weeks, so don’t delay your decision; contact us for advice on university and program selection.


Is your spouse or partner a Canadian citizen or has a PR card? For you, the best way to get a permanent residence permit in Canada is through sponsorship. Your partner or spouse can become a “sponsor” (you do not have to have a legal marriage, and the relationship may be same-sex) who is over 18 years old. Sponsoring a spouse does not require you to have a certain income or accommodation, which makes the process much easier!


We recommend this option for those who are no longer in the Federal Skilled Worker program due to their age, but are a good specialist. Provinces are like states, and different provinces need different professionals because of their economy. If the provinces like you, you may be nominated, which is +600 points! Usually you have to score 460 or more to qualify, so the nomination is your lucky ticket!

Emigration through the Atlantic Pilot Program is gaining popularity, which only applies to 4 provinces in Canada and requires, among other things, that you have an invitation from a Canadian employer in these provinces. Especially welcome IT professionals, engineers and mechanics, but in other professions it makes sense to send your resume!

Send where? We have put a list of suitable employers here.


This is a great program for you if you are ready to start your own business in New Brunswick. You can start your own business or buy an existing one, which is even more convenient in many ways.

The program requires that you have management experience, $600,000 CAD of assets, and the ability to invest $250,000 CAD directly in the business.


Recognize yourself in the description of one of the programs? Then it’s time to draw up an emigration plan and start moving actively through it!

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