7 steps to start immigrating to Canada

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Studying English or French, taking a language test and passing the official point calculation calculator in the Express Entry system as necessary steps to start immigrating to Canada. Hello from Canada! My name is Alex Pavlenko. This video is especially for those who want to move to Canada, but do not know where to start. Literally in 10 minutes you will see the whole picture more clearly in the future, you will learn to at least roughly, but assess your chances of immigrating to Canada. But before you continue, subscribe to my YouTube channel, if you haven’t done it before, and also subscribe to my Instagram account, because in it I share very useful information every day. Well, here we go! Before teaching you how to count your scores, evaluate your knowledge of English, I would like to discuss with you the emotional component of immigration. Be prepared that your life will change dramatically, you will start a new life in another country. If you’re not ready for the challenges, if you’re not ready to leave the comfort zone, immigration is probably not for you, and you’d better finish watching this video right now. If you are a strong person, if you are not afraid of difficulties, then continue. Be prepared for the fact that your relations with others will deteriorate: with friends, with relatives. I know a lot of people who “encrypted” the fact that they have applied for immigration. In order not to even go far – our friends informed their parents that they are moving to Canada only after they had immigration visas and purchased plane tickets. Imagine what a shock it was to their mom and dad that their children were moving to another continent. But that’s the way it works. Write in your comments what you think about it: when you apply for immigration, will you tell your friends and relatives. It is very interesting to know your point of view. Have you already signed up for our Instagram about living in Canada? If you are married or married and your partner doesn’t support you, even if you immigrate successfully, be prepared for your marriage to dissolve. This is a statistic. A lot of families are breaking up because people can’t take the complexity. Support each other, and let your decision to move be shared. This is the only way you can do it. Kids. Many decide to emigrate for the sake of children to have a great life, but postpone these steps because the children do not know English, and worry about how they adapt. Do not do this, do not worry about it at all, because children will immediately learn English and will speak much better than you in six months. Take care of yourself in the first place. The main thing is that you succeed, and the children will already be carriages. So, are you ready to go to Canada? Here we go! The first step is the English or French language. I hope you already know that for immigration at least one person from adults will need to know English, or French, or even two languages. And if there are only you and, let’s say, children in the family, then you will have to learn the language. If you do not know the language at all, you just need to sit down and learn. In six months and a year it is quite real to learn the language at 30 years old, and at 20 years old, and at 40 years old, and at 45, and probably further, but for this you have to study. You have to invest a lot of effort in learning a foreign language.



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