How to move to Canada for CoML? Canadian immigration and how to immigrate in 2020

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For many, immigration is an impossible dream. How to move to Canada? You are definitely interested in many questions and we will answer them here. We help you immigrate from anywhere in the world. The latest Canadian immigration programs [2020], visa to Canada, immigration through study, business immigration to Canada, professional immigration, labor immigration to Canada and this is just a small part of our help to you.

Advantage for you
Our advantage for you is our Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, Elena Koroleva. Elena has over 7 years of successful experience with a huge number of cases from our clients. We work on all immigration programs in Canada, as well as on obtaining coins for citizens of other countries located in Canada.

Helping to immigrate to Canada is our main goal. Because we were once in your place, and we understand you more than anyone else!

Ways to immigrate to Canada in 2020
There are many ways to move to Canada:

Federal immigration program
Provincial immigration programs
Family Sponsorship Program
Immigration to Canada through study
Immigration through investment, business start-up or Start-Up Visa
Immigration to Canada through Work
Moving to Canada through the Atlantic Pilot Project
We will always be glad to help you choose the most suitable option for your family situation. Here you can immediately fill out a questionnaire, which will take 5-8 minutes. We will provide professional support at every step of the immigration process, from selection of an immigration program to obtaining a residence permit in Canada.

The cost of our services for immigration to Canada ranges from $1,500 to $8,500 per family. Only in rare cases (in difficult family or business immigration situations) can our services cost more.

Social adjustment in Canada. Temporary Resident Services in Canada
We also provide free social adaptation services for our clients after your arrival in Canada. Adaptation in Canada is the main thing after you move to Canada.

Social adaptation in Canada:

Opening an account with a Canadian bank,
Getting a social security number,
Obtaining a permit for free medical care for all family members,
We can help you with your search for housing in Canada,
Searching for work in Canada,
Registration of children for school in Canada,
Choosing a school for a child in Canada.
We provide services for temporary residence in Canada through programs:

Language Studies,
Studying in Canada,
Work in Canada,
Working visa to Canada,
Nanny or housekeeper recruitment programs,
Tourist visa to Canada,
Guest visa to Canada.
The cost of such services is 750-1500 USD.

All our relations with you are legally established on the basis of a signed contract. To save your time, we offer legal advice online and we are always in touch.

We do not ask you to pay for the entire immigration process at once, unlike other companies. All financial settlements are made through the bank step by step, as you progress through the immigration process.

Selecting an immigration program
Advantages of our company for you!

If you are at the very beginning of your immigration journey, we can help you decide on the fastest and least expensive way to immigrate to Canada.

The selection of options for leaving for Canada for your family is based on a base:

Education Analysis,
Experience of work,
Other information for each adult family member (age, language skills, availability of relatives/friends, etc.).
Upon receipt of your completed application form and payment, you will be contacted by a representative of our immigration department at Somira Canada Group to clarify any questions you may have regarding this form.

After 2-3 business days, you will receive written references from a licensed Canadian consultant. This will give you a detailed description of possible Canadian immigration programs that suit you and your family.

A written recommendation is included:

A detailed plan of action for immigrating to Canada
Specify the timing and cost of each immigration to Canada program.
You will also have the opportunity to have a free additional consultation to clarify all your questions.

This service costs $35. The cost of this service includes live phone or Skype calls with an employee of our Somira Canada Group. The employee will give you all the answers to any of your questions, after receiving recommendations.

To start working, you need to fill out a questionnaire right here:


Why do we charge for immigration advice to Canada?

You have probably found offers on the Internet for free evaluation of immigration to Canada. If so, read on, why we have been selected by more than 1000+ people from all over the world.

In our company, the points are calculated not by a computer program, but by a licensed Canadian immigration consultant with extensive experience.
The consultant of Somira Canada Group, based on the completed questionnaire, will indicate the most appropriate and cost-effective ways to obtain a residence permit in Canada for you and your family individually.
If you are not currently earning the right points, our company will advise you on the steps to take.
Our recommendations can help you fully fit the requirements of an immigration program to Canada. This will allow you to plan your actions and resources to achieve your goal.
***** If you have tried to apply to immigrate to Canada through another agency or yourself and have been rejected, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible and get you a visa to Canada after you have been rejected, based on our many years of experience with various complex cases.
We have helped 1000+ clients realize their dreams. Join us and get your pmg in Canada and then your Canadian citizenship.

Find the Canadian Immigration Options
Canadian immigration law
Canadian immigration law sets high professional standards to regulate the activities of immigration consultants. All immigration consultants, members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants are required to be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, have extensive experience of successful immigration work, and pass the Canadian Immigration Act and its regulations, professional code, and one of the official languages of Canada. All of our consultants meet these high requirements.

Under the law, immigration services are available exclusively:
– Immigration consultants who are members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).
– Lawyers who are members of the Canadian Law Society
– notaries who are members of the Chamber of Notaries of the Province of Quebec.

Individuals who are not members of the above associations may not file documents, monitor the application, correspond with immigration authorities, or otherwise represent applicants before Canadian immigration authorities.

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