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Immigration to Canada: Peculiarities of Moving and Ways of Processing

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Immigration to Canada is a troublesome thing, but real. The U.S. neighborhood is actively developing and is open to immigrants from different countries. Yes, the selection of migrants seems to be tough, and visa processing is routine. But everything is possible if you study the issue step by step: where to turn, what to do, what to pay special attention to and what problems migrants most often face. A thorough training is the key to success.

Contents .
Ways of legal migration
Types of visas
Where to turn
Necessary documents
Standard list
Additional documents
How much can a visa cost
Reasons for failures
How to apply for a visa online
Cognitive video clips and useful information
Ways of legal migration
There are several ways to immigrate legally:

to seek political asylum;
family reunion;
business development or start-up;
job placement;
marriage to a Canadian resident.
In 2018, all these goals will be officially recognized. They allow you to receive social benefits and allowances during your first months in Canada.

Now the most popular option for Russian citizens to move to Canada is to get a job. The young country literally lacks working hands. This is why more and more federal or provincial programs are appearing, after which the applicant receives an immigrant card and a permanent residence permit for Canada. The path is not easy and long, but legal and reliable.

See the figure below for an example of a Federal Skilled Worker program.

Immigration to Canada: How to move and how to get there

Important nuance: Only those specialists who have at least 1 year of experience in a particular field can be relied upon to work in Canada. The experience in your home country, position and qualification are necessarily confirmed by official documents.

Young people may find it attractive to emigrate to Canada once they have entered college or university. There are convenient ways for students who earn a living while studying to become citizens (for example, through the Federal Skilled Trades program).

Next, a Canadian-qualified professional may recommend a resident visa for immediate family members or apply for citizenship for a bride.

Family reunification is another common purpose for moving to a western country. Although in the case of Canada, it is easier for personal visitors and friends to first make a visa a visitor or tourist, and therefore, to clap about residence status.

It is very difficult to obtain an immigration card for a person who has never been to Canada or has an empty foreign passport.

Depending on the purpose of the visit, the appropriate Canadian visa is issued.

Types of visas

There are three types of visas for crossing the border of Canada:

transit visa;
permanent resident;
temporary resident.
Transit visa to Canada is valid only for two days and does not allow leaving the airport area.

There are three types of visas for crossing the border of Canada:

transit visa;
permanent resident;
temporary resident.
Transit visa to Canada is valid only for two days and does not allow leaving the airport area.

Permanent visa is, in fact, a legal immigration card with the right to apply for permanent residence and social benefits. It is received:

qualified specialists, who have signed contracts with Canadian employers;
businessmen who start their own business in the country;
family members of Canadian citizens;
adopted children;
Practice shows that the easiest to obtain a permanent resident visa is for individuals who have received a temporary resident visa in Canada at least once.

Temporary visas are divided by purpose of visit:

for tourist travel;
a visitor visa to Canada;
study permit;
a temporary work visa;
Individual card for single entry or multiple entry (e.g., for business, marriage, adoption, etc.).
Period of visa validity depends on its type. For tourist travel can be given strictly “from arrival to departure”. For the first guest visa – up to 6 months. Work and student visa, as a rule, are valid for the period of the contract with the employer or educational institution. The maximum visa can be up to 10 years or for the period of validity of the foreign passport.

If there are any doubts about what visa you should apply for, you can preliminarily take a survey on the official website of the Canadian embassy (

The interface language is English or French only.

Where to turn
Tourist visa to Canada is considered the easiest. To get it, it is enough to buy a ticket. Tour operator, as a rule, takes care of all the troubles. But there is no 100% guarantee here. Can be refused, if the traveler has an outstanding legal debt or credit. Or if the person is not sufficiently secured.

Canada has a tough fight against illegal emigrants. Guests of the country must be sufficiently independent in material terms or have good reasons to return after the trip to their home country (family, business, personal property).

Special visa centers help with registration. Plus this way – in a professional approach. Minus – in additional expenses.

In order to move to Canada, now the system of independent submission of documents through the online service Express Entry is popular. The program is launched on the same site It has a clear algorithm for filling in a profile, submitting documents, paying fees and tracking your status.

Immigration to Canada: Features of Moving to Canada and Mode of Processing

On the basis of the data specified in the profiles of those wishing to immigrate to Canada, candidates are selected once a month. They are sent an invitation to apply for permanent residence documents. They can be preliminary sent for an interview to the Canadian embassy in Russia.

Council. You should not be afraid of the interview. It is necessary to behave naturally and friendly.

Another way to apply for a visa on your own is to first get an invitation to the country, and then submit the documents by sending them to the embassy through the Pony Express mail service. The invitation to work can be given by the employer, to study – university or college, for a guest visit – any Canadian citizen over 18 years.

Required Documents
The Canadian Consulate requires a standard package for all visas plus some additional documents in specific cases.

IMM forms are to be filled out in the first place:

5257 – general visa application form;
5645 – information about family members.

When registering a profile on the official website of the Embassy and choosing the type of visa, the system will tell you what other forms to fill out.

Standard list
The following documents should be prepared for the general package:

valid foreign passport (original) with two or more blank pages, which should have more than 6 months in stock at the time of travel (if the visa was issued too long, the passport with the term “vprytik” may be out of business);
a photocopy of all pages of the internal passport (along with the blank pages);
copies of the marriage certificate (for a married applicant) and the birth certificate (for a minor);
a bank printout of financial transactions for the last six months or a certificate of the availability of funds in the current account (pensioners can order a certificate from the Pension Fund on charges for 6 months, people working in enterprises – certificate of salary);
a receipt of payment of visa and consular fees;
two color photographs 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm.
Professional photo studios know the requirements for visas. But it is better to double-check your photos before sending them for consideration.

Immigration to Canada: Peculiarities of Moving and Ways of Processing

All copies of documents must be certified by a notary public. In addition, they must be translated into English or French by a certified translation company.

Additional documents
Different visas require different additions:

For a tourist trip you need to provide a detailed description of the route, as well as documents confirming the reservation in hotels and for air travel.
For work visa you will need an invitation from the employer, permission to stay in the rented premises, work contract, letter of guarantee from the employer. Certificate of knowledge of one of the languages – English or French – at the proper professional level is required.
Guest visit is made out with an invitation from a Canadian resident and confirmation of stable financial situation of the inviting party.
A child requires a foreign passport and a separate visa. Before leaving for Canada, it is necessary to make a notarial permission from the second parent.

How much can a visa cost
Visa registration – not free of charge. There is nothing to pay only for a transit visa. In other cases, such tariffs apply:

obtaining a temporary visa – 100;
permission for temporary resident – 100;
work permit – 155;
study permit – 50;
family tax – 500 maximum.
The prices are in Canadian dollars. You must pay in rubles at the current rate.

The cost of the visa is made up of several amounts. For example, a student entering a university in Canada must pay a temporary visa and permission to study – a total of 150 Canadian dollars. Plus payment for the services of the visa center (if you did not dare to arrange everything yourself) and courier delivery (if you can not apply to the embassy in person).

In case of refusal, the visa costs are not refundable.

Reasons for refusals
The most common reason for refusing a temporary visa is the suspicion of intent to immigrate illegally. To prevent this from happening, you must provide sufficient evidence to the contrary at once:

bank statements of wealth;
certificates of property ownership;
a detailed description of the planned tourist itinerary;
exact information about your family.
Often denied to people who do not have a permanent job. Therefore, for a tourist trip will not be superfluous certificate from work. The document indicates the position, seniority, salary and even confirmation that the person plans to take a vacation on dates of visit to Canada.

For working or student visa to Canada for Russians is very important certificate of knowledge of English or French (IELTS General). The result of the language test must be at least 6 points.


If an applicant who dreams of going to live in Canada is considered, the applicant must score at least 60 points out of the 100 maximum points in the immigration program. The assessment of factors is distributed in this way:

for education give a maximum of 25 points;
for language proficiency – up to 24;
work experience – 21;
age – 10;
availability of contract or invitation – 10;
adaptation factor – 10.
The minimum threshold may vary from year to year. In controversial cases, the decision is made by the immigration officer at the end of the interview.

How to apply for visa online
Russian citizens can apply for any type of visa to Canada through the online service of the Consulate – the official website of the Embassy of Canada. Since the registration of the profile is given 60 days to complete all necessary documents.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

After registration on the site, a window survey will open. This survey will help you decide on the type of visa. The system may recommend several options at once. Choose a suitable one and move on to the next stage.
Before a specific survey will appear individual control code (GCKey), which should be recorded and memorized. This code will be valid for 60 days.
Based on the survey, opens a list of forms (IMM 5257, IMM 5645, etc.), which must be filled in detail, as well as a window to download the necessary documents. Digitized documents are accepted in DOC, PDF or JPG formats. Picture – only in JPEG-format, with a resolution of more than 600 pixels in width, but not more than 240 kB.
Next will be available a window with the price of the visa and a button for online payment by card MasterCard / VISA.
After registration and payment, the original foreign passport is sent to the Embassy by courier service.

In the “Status” column it will be possible to track the status of the application.

Online registration is carried out exclusively in a foreign language. When uploading documents, it is important not to confuse which ones – where:

English term Russian translation Purpose of the window
Itinerary, Travel Journey Description An ordinary word-format letter where we describe the purpose of the visit, the route, etc. in any form. If we go by invitation, we tell you how long we have known the inviting person, what kind of relations we have with each other, etc.
Proof of Income Proof of Income Here we upload bank statements, certificate of income from work, a copy of the certificate of real estate ownership, etc.
Passport or travel document Download all scanned pages (including blank pages).
Employment reference letter Help from the place of work About where and by whom we work. The document must bear the company seal and the signature of the manager.
Purpose of travel – Other Purpose of visit – Other Purpose of visit – All additional documents that have not found their purpose in other downloads.
Invitation Letter Invitation Letter If there is no invitation (from the employer, university, relative), you should upload the letter describing the trip (duplicate Itinerary, Travel). You should not leave this box empty.
If there is the slightest doubt about the translation of a particular item of the interface, it is better to ask a qualified interpreter or consult with a specialist (for example, online support of visa center).

Cognitive video clips and useful information
Immigration to Canada attracts many applicants from Russia. The North American power takes the third place among foreign countries where Russians want to move to live.

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