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Most popular professions in Canada

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Canada is among the top ten most developed countries in the world. However, its vast territory, inexhaustible natural resources and developed infrastructure allow Canada to develop further. In this regard, it always requires qualified personnel in a variety of fields. And just working hands in the modern Canadian economy will never be superfluous. That’s why Canada constantly has various programs to attract new residents with certain labor skills and qualifications.

What kind of labor immigration programs do Canada have?
The first thing to know is that Canada has both federal immigration programs and provincial immigration programs. Each year, the federal government studies the labor market and publishes a list of jobs that have priority employment rights in Canada (Work permits) on its website. It is worth noting that the list of professions changes annually. How the requirements for candidates in each of the professions also change.
The Government of Canada has a National Occupational Classification (NAO) on its website. All professions are divided into 5 categories: from managers at all levels to professions with low qualifications. Canada currently has three federal labor immigration programs:

The Federal Skilled Trades Program.
Federal Skilled Worker Program
Canadian Experience Class program
Which professions are in demand in Canada in 2017
Given the booming economy of the country, Canada is in demand, to one extent or another, a lot of professions. However, in any case, three basic requirements remain unchanged:

Minimum work experience in this area is at least 1 year.
Education certified by authorized organizations at INS.
Adequate knowledge (for a particular occupation) of English or French
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As for which areas are the most popular in 2017, there are quite a few.

Exploration for minerals and other types of natural resources. Such professions as geologist, surveyor or oceanologist in Canada are always on the weight of gold. Huge areas are still waiting for their researchers.
Extractive industry. Good specialists are needed at the deposits of hydrocarbons and non-ferrous metals. Oil workers in Atlantic Canada will be especially in demand, due to the discovery of new offshore oil fields.
Agriculture and forestry. The vast fields of Manitoba and Saskatchewan are in need of agricultural specialists. And there is always a job for forestry professionals in Canada.
Construction. Canada is experiencing a significant investment boom in the residential real estate market. And there are industrial construction sites in all regions. Therefore, builders here are welcome, at any time, in any region.
Manufacturing industry. There is a great demand for qualified engineers. Mechanical engineering, automotive, aircraft construction – there is always a good engineer in Canada.
Transport and communication. Sea and lake transportation, thousands of kilometers of railroads and highways, developed urban transport infrastructure. Specialists transporters, in any case, in Canada can find a job with a good income.
High technologies. In Canada, there are several world centers of the IT industry. Qualified programmer here is always in price. There is a significant demand for robotics specialists.
Medicine and psychology. Medical specialists, at any time, are in demand in all regions of Canada. This also applies to nurses. In addition, there is a very high demand for qualified specialists in psychology.
The sphere of education. Preschool workers are needed in this sphere, first of all. But also good teachers in schools, colleges and universities are in great demand in Canada. And in the future the demand for them will increase.
Service sector. Financiers, accountants, insurance specialists, and other similar specialties are always in demand. Hotel and tourist business employees are also in demand. And other areas of services need good specialists.
How to determine your chances of emigrating to Canada for work
As can be seen from the previous section, Canada has a demand for quite a large number of different specialists. However, a specific person is interested in determining his or her own chances of labor emigration to Canada, based on their specific parameters. How to do it in the most optimal way?

You can visit the website of the Government of Canada, which annually publishes the most popular specialties in the country. Each specialty has its own code, by which you can determine the type of specific work, the basic requirements for education in this specialty and see specific examples of professions.
However, it is much more convenient to seek advice from experienced professionals who can quickly and accurately assess a particular individual’s chances of immigrating to Canada with specific parameters. In addition, these professionals will be able to advise on how to significantly increase these chances through additional training or other means.

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