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Who is profitable to work in Canada

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Today Canada is one of the most attractive destinations for emigration all over the world. However, many people wonder what professions are the most profitable and most demanded in this country. This question is especially often raised by those who are going to study in Canada. After all, they have a much wider range of opportunities than those already educated in their home countries.

What is the income level or demand?
When it comes to deciding which profession or field is best suited for a successful life in Canada, many people start to calculate average wages for that profession. However, this is not always justified. After all, there are fairly prestigious and profitable jobs that are very limited in number. For example, a federal judge in Canada is a very prestigious and well-paid position. Nevertheless, there are very few such jobs.
For this reason, one should pay attention not only to the level of profitability of specialists in a particular field, but also to the demand for such specialists and, more importantly, to the prospects of such specialists in the future. After all, the world is developing at a huge pace. New professions and whole new directions of human activity are appearing. And many “old” professions are significantly changing. First of all, it happens due to application of new technologies in all kinds of modern man’s activity.

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Which professions are the most profitable in Canada today
According to the authoritative Canadian publication Canadian Business, in 2017 the highest average salary (Median salary) could boast people in the following professions:

Managers of Economic development (Economic development directors) – 114400 C$. These people help cities and entire regions to find new opportunities to attract investment, create jobs and develop social infrastructure.

Utilities managers – 112320 C$. These managers ensure uninterrupted operation of electricity networks and other infrastructure of the modern urban economy.

Public administration directors – 106662 C$. These people manage the efficiency of huge corporations that make the country’s economy thrive. But the road to such a position is quite long.

Petroleum Engineers – 104000 C$. Engineers in extractive industries always earn good money. But especially good are the average salaries of engineers associated with the production of hydrocarbons.

Financial & Real estate managers – 103376 C$. Today, the average salary of people associated with real estate is high. This is due to the boom in real estate demand observed in recent years.

Pharmasists – 102394 C$. Employees in the pharmaceutical industry earn very well. However, there is a saturation of the market with such specialists. Therefore, the prospects are uncertain.

Mining & forestry managers – 100006 C$. Canada is a country with a strong mining and forestry industry. Therefore, such specialists will always be in demand.

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As for the most highly paid initial positions, the situation is somewhat different:

Annual salary (C$)


Business analyst in the field of high technology


45677- 87976


Financial Consultant

What should not be forgotten when studying the average salary in Canada by profession?
It should be noted that the average salary is a very conditional concept. Specialists of other professions can also earn good money. If they are high-class specialists and have considerable experience. For example, a family doctor in Canada may well expect an annual income of 200-220 thousand C$. It looks like the situation in the market of specialists – lawyers. Good lawyers can have quite impressive amounts of annual income. Good prospects for people in the IT industry, and educational professionals, and many others.
Of course, you should always consider where this or that specialist works. In the Northern territories, the average salaries of all specialists are slightly higher. However, the cost of living is much higher there, compared to Ontario, South Quebec or Vancouver. In addition, because of the different purchasing power of people from different cities and regions, the prospects for earning self-employed people, such as lawyers or all kinds of real estate and insurance agents, also depend on where they work. In Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, as well as in successful regions such as Kelowna or Victoria Island, the chances of earning higher.

Thus, the highest average wages in Canada are for managers of various profiles. In addition, medical professionals, exploration and mining specialists and employees of financial companies have very good prospects. However, in any case, we are talking about highly qualified specialists with sufficient experience in their field.

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